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Vortexes, Energy, Pollution, and Toxicity

By Ed McCabe
Copyright 2003 by Ed McCabe

At one level, or viewpoint, from the macro all the way through to the subatomic micro levels, Life and the dimension we live in is ultimately a collection of both huge and subatomic vortexes all spinning and interacting in harmony. Please reference the works and art of Walter Russell and the writings of Viktor Schauberger. The wise live in harmony with the natural flows of energies in our world.


"Whenever two lines of energy intersect each other, a vortex is created. This is where the energies have the strongest effect."
- Joey Korn


Sample Drawings by Walter Russell

Unfortunately at present, all man made power in the physical world performs work by creating centrifugal (outwardly rotating) heat and pressure energy. This is opposite of (and negatively reverses) Nature's natural centripetal (inwardly rotating) cooling and concentrating spin energies. Steam, nuclear, electric, and petroleum engines and generators are prime examples of machines dependent upon centrifugal force. Tornadoes, waterspouts, cyclones are huge vortexes, and other versions of smaller vortexes are found within our breath entering our lungs (think Pranic breathing) and also among the water flowing in a stream.

G=MV2: Gravity = Mass times Velocity squared - Dr. Lloyd Zirbes. The larger something is (the more mass it has) or the faster it spins, or both, then the more of a local gravity field it produces as it spins. Earth spinning and floating in space is an example. The huge mass of our planet is floating in the sun's gravity field, but our planetary rotation allows our planet to create its own "local" gravity field preventing us from crashing into the sun. The very bottom of a tornado (a type of vortex) is a smaller mass but so concentrating and rapidly spinning that it creates a counter flow of gravitons in outward radiation - it generates its own "local" field of gravitons. Each graviton is1 80th the size of an electron. This field causes a local gravity field that temporarily cancels the surrounding Earth gravity. This is why houses and locomotives have been seen to float in the air next to tornados - the tornado's local gravity field temporarily cancels the Earth & Sun gravity fields because it's gravitons are more in number than the others in the area. Graviton movement flowing through substances while having a polarizing effect is also the ultimate source of all electricity and magnetism, but most scientists and engineers are not aware of this. Definitely not taught in school.

Our present heat and pressure creating power generation and transmission methods are centrifugal and opposite to nature's natural flows. They therefore fight nature rather than co-operate with it, causing friction, and the result of their resistances and inefficiencies are polluting our environment and destroying our collective health. These anti-natural power generation and distribution methods are hurting us and our world. Most people are so used to being contaminated by pollution and under-oxygenated and under-vitalized that we forget what normal feels like. And from not knowing how to acquire efficient natural solutions the masses reach for stimulants and mind-numbing substances instead.

Societal uses of inferior power generation systems that do not emulate Nature but oppose it are physically and energetically polluting our bodies and our environment. Our bodies are bio-electric consciousness maintainers and generators. They have absorbed these environmental toxins for years and are in turn also being influenced by these intruders that combine with our own ego energy to generate our own spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical toxins. Naturally these toxins eat away at our consciousness by absorbing and draining bio-electrical charges - in turn lowering our vibratory rates and draining our physical energy and our happiness.

For years I have taught that correctly applied safe Active Oxygen Therapies burn (oxidize) physical toxins out of us. In fact, it is the only way our bodies can remove toxins. What we do not realize is that all physical items have atomic, crystalline, and energetic structures that also carry the vibratory rates of their creators. If you spend your life eating, breathing, and drinking unnatural substances created by anti-natural centrifugal-spin machinery in a polluted environment run by greed motivated selfish people you will absorb not only the physical toxins, but each toxin's vibratory signature.

As these physical and energetic toxins collect in your body, your consciousness is affected by increasing collections of negative energy from their low vibratory rate atoms and isotopes that comprise the toxins and foul our bio-energies . Nature gives us natural active oxygen and vortexes to counteract the build up of unhealthy pollution. Unfortunately, the environmental and energy pollution load is so great that Nature's natural cleaners are becoming overwhelmed. In short, our bodies, our emotions, thoughts, and vitality are suffering. That is why so many are increasingly so tired and so sick so soon and so often.

Japanese scientists have published photographs proving that water has a crystalline structure that is totally physically affected by environment, pollution, and emotions. The differences between "clean high-consciousness water that has been prayed over" and then visually compared to "polluted water that has been cursed at" is stunning and as plain as night and day. Japanese alternative medicine practitioner, Dr Masaru Emoto's work has been compiled into two books called "Messages From Water", Volumes 1 & 2. To look at sample photos from the books, visit these URL's:

Since the beginning of life on this planet, water's crystalline structure has been "memorizing," or automatically absorbing energies while 'recording' everything around it, especially human bio-energetic emissions. The Roman soldier urinates on the field after the latest bloody battle, or the local holy man does the same after merging with THE ONE during prayer. These discarded consciousness imprinted waste fluids soak into the ground, make their way to the streams or aquifers and eventually rise into the atmosphere - later to come down as rain to be collected and imbibed again - completing the cycle that endlessly repeats. All the water that passes through everybody and everything in this manner picks up layer upon layer of memories of the different collective consciousness and physical life expressions it passes through.

Nature recycles and tries to clean everything - including these continuing sub-atomic and crystaline vibrational recordings - by passing the recycling water through atmospheric and terrestrial vortexian weather patterns, tornadoes, waterspouts, cyclones, and natural stream flows that all concentrate the Universal Life Force expressed via gravitons in centripetal actions that naturally push the lower vibratory and inharmonious energies to the outer edges. The centripetal cooling and concentrating actions of natural vortexes drawing graviton particles in from the ether and perhaps from beyond "the veil" and then radiating graviton fields out as the gravitons concentrate have the duty of naturally clearing low vibration pollution from Earth and erasing burdensome antiquated outworn water "memory" buildups.

The proofs of what I just said are all over the internet. Look up all the pollution and water cleanup companies using vortexes to rid fluids of contaminants. Compare the photos of the crystalline structures of polluted water with those of clean water. Now compare yelled at water with blessed water. The proof is visually irrefutable as it stares you in the face.

We are all drinking the same water that has been recycled over and over through the atmosphere and the planet and all the life forms it passed through. Water from the plants, the animals, the humans, the lakes, streams, and oceans has evaporated into the atmosphere over and over for many centuries. Each cyclic trip through the world imprints water with whatever is going on in the mass consciousness, be it pollution, wars, love, etc. Most of today's water is layered with error filled programming from pollution, ego, and other energies that have damaged its crystalline atomic structure and energy patterns to the point they are no longer able to collect and re-radiate the highest of energies. The crystalline antennas and electron spins are altered unnaturally and the vibratory rate of the water drops. If this water is in you, and it is if you reside on this planet, you drop in consciousness as well.

Devices such as Biometers measure these life-force charges. Wavelengths, being the distance between the crests of energy waves, are measured by using the Angstrom. One Angstrom represents one ten-millionth of a millimetre. The wavelength of 6,500 Angstroms also represents 6,500 Bovis units. The two scales cross at this level and then run at right angles to each other. They never run parallel. The Biometer does not measure a wavelength; it measures the quality of a vibration. - John Cunninghame on The Biometer

The Bovis scale is a correlating measurement of intensity or lack of coherent graviton charge mirroring Universal, or Pranic, or Chi, or Ki, or Bion, or Holy Spirit or ECK or other Life Force designators. Low Bovis numbers indicate low vitality, higher numbers indicate more. Filtering alone does not remove error filled negative memories. Oxygenating and Ozonating help, due to the high charge and vibration rate and electron donation energy that the Pranic "Breath of God" (Oxygen) carries, but there is more that can be done to erase all the collected in-error energies.

We are human bio-energy generators continually creating, eliminating, emoting, and otherwise outputting physical, emotional, mental, electrical, and psychic energies. Our thoughts, emotions, and physical bodies are - even as you read this - being affected by the low vibratory rates and crystaline structures of particles we have collected inside us from our polluted food, air, & water.

We evolved from the oceans or were created to possess independent mobility by being able to carry a salinated aquatic environment around with us disguised as the fluids in our blood and lymph. We are 70 percent water. We are mostly water and cells filled with watery fluids, and since water is crystalline in structure, has memory, and carries vibrations - all water (like any transistor crystal in a radio) is constantly re-radiating energy into it's surroundings. So with you being composed of 70% crystal-water structures, don't you think the structure, oxygen levels, and cleanliness of your internal fluids are constantly affecting your health, consciousness, emotions, and thinking?

Doesn't it make sense to only drink clean oxygenated water that has first had any unnatural pollution and energy removed, and then had its crystal structures re-charged to higher and higher energy levels by repeatedly cycling it through devices that emulate Nature's natural vortexes? Doesn't it make sense to only have such pure charged water inside you? Don't you think that removing low-vibration and polluted inner waters having damaged crystal structures would make a difference? What if you replaced them with blanked highly charged naturally structured water? Wouldn't that eliminate many energy robbing and vibratory level lowering influences and thereby allow you to rise in consciousness unto your true natural level?

Vortex water users report:

"I can't believe the instant energy!"
"It's like Jesus coming down and turning water into silky energy wine."
"I can only take a teaspoon at a time or else I detoxify too quickly."
"Who-oooh, I was zooming around for about four or five hours."

Personally, I call it "Packing into water more Divine Energy" or "etheric love-glue that holds everything together" by drawing original Creation energy and Oxygen out of the surrounding universe - and at the same time dispelling derivative lower tributary error and pollution energies.

The higher will always replace the lower in the same way and just as easily as light dispelling darkness. The trick for us is to collect and keep enough of the higher and remove ourselves from intake of the lower. I strongly advocate vortex treated pure water for all water usages.

- Bestselling Author of Flood Your Body With Oxygen, "Mr. Oxygen"©, Ed McCabe©

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