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Dr. Mona Harrison, MD
Former Assistant Dean-BU School of Medicine

"Ed McCabe is a breed of journalist from the 'old school' of investigation. His quest for knowledge and truth has been exhaustive-even when it has potentially meant personal harm. His realizations that water and air are not just water and air have spurred his efforts forward.

"The story of oxygen and its primal role in water and health enhancement are the book's key ingredients. Not only is oxygen a key to the air we breathe, it is equally important in the water we drink and otherwise use. In his treatise, Ed McCabe takes one well into this new century with an understanding of the applications of water and Oxygen Therapies.

"Both lay and professional persons who secretly will not admit their ignorance in this emerging field of study will use it as a guide.

"It is only here in North America that the significance of this science is just awakening. The rest of the Western Scientific World caught on a long time ago.

"Take note. The interest this book will unleash is noteworthy."

Mona Harrison, MD
Assistant Dean-Boston University School of Medicine
Director-Adolescent Medic ine, Boston City Hospital
Chief Medical Officer-D.C. General Hospital-Directed Trauma Center Emergency Services, Outpatient Services and Employee Health
Medical Director-Rehab Inc., a multifaceted physical rehabilitation agency

MD University of Maryland School of Medicine
Residency, Family Medicine, University of Maryland Hospital
Residency, Pediatrics, Boston City Hospital, Boston University
In-Service Fellowship:
Adolescent Medicines Boston Children's Hospital, Harvard University
Neonatology Research Fellowship
Boston University Hospital, Boston University

Dr. Martin Dayton, MD

"Ed McCabe, affectionately referred to as 'Mr. Oxygen' by his admirers, has literally educated millions around the world on the health benefits of oxygen. I know from personal experience the validity of his teaching, for as a physician I have used oxygen in its various forms in my practice for overcoming disease, restoring health and improving human performance since the 1980s. In the 1980s, the few existing doctors treating with one or more forms of oxygen often did not know that colleagues using other forms existed. I had come to personally know Mr. Ed McCabe as a meticulous investigator on a mission to tell the world about all the known therapies in this relatively unknown field at that time.

"Today, Ed McCabe is a celebrated authority on Oxygen Therapies. He is an acclaimed author, avid researcher, and energetic humanitarian in the field. In order to share his discoveries with the world, he wrote numerous stimulating articles in a gifted style that allows for large amounts of pragmatic knowledge to be effortlessly assimilated. Thanks to the knowledge disseminated by Mr. McCabe, public awareness of the therapies has remarkably increased and the medical community using Oxygen Therapies has grown in both wisdom and population.

"The driving force behind Mr. McCabe's popularity, more so than his talents in communication, is the enormous value of the knowledge he offers for living in the 21st century. He teaches how oxygen related therapies, such as ozone, peroxide, hyperbaric and photoluminescence, may be applied to complement or replace various in-vogue medical and health practices, yielding superior outcomes with less cost and undesirable side effects. The huge list of conditions that are prevented and treated by Oxygen Therapies range from fleeting minor colds to chronic wounds that do not heal to dreaded life taking diseases such as cancer. Mr. McCabe, the scientist, teaches why oxygen related methods work so well and how to apply them.

"He provides us knowledge on how we can all take advantage of exciting, scientifically backed health related opportunities available today which still remain largely unknown to the public and the medical profession. His book, Flood Your Body with Oxygen, Therapy for Our Polluted World is a must read and must share! Thank you 'Mr. Oxygen.'"

Martin Dayton D.O., MD, MD (h), C.C.N., F.A.A.F.P.

Dr. George Freibott, ND

"Wally Grotz, who with the late Father Richard Wilhelm refined decades of Hydrogen Peroxide materials into an oxidative protocol for the general public, first referred Ed McCabe to I.A.O.T. (International Association for Oxygen Therapy). Being involved in 'Oxygen Therapies' for over a century, the Institute, known formerly in Germany as the Institut fur Sauerstoff Heilvahfahren and in America, as the Eastern American Association for Oxygen Therapy, had its roots in the 'air therapies' of German Naturopathy. If our counsel was at all of worth, perhaps it was to excite Ed to examine just how broad a field the oxidative sciences really are. Many times he zigzagged around the globe compiling international archives and spreading the truth about Oxygen Therapies. He wrestled with new scientific concepts and long-standing social apathy. Ed, then a worthy student, is now a knowledgeable teacher. An honored friend, Ed has proven to be a solid investigator and reporter, an animated educator, and a steadfast truth seeker.

"Ed has risked his all many times in the hopes that the common good would prosper. As a layman, he tackled the very bastions of medicine. Addressing governmental hierarchies, Ed rallied for freedom of choice. Sometimes single-handedly, Ed appealed to corporate cartels with less than popular empirical evidence.

"Ed, (more popularly known as 'Mr. Oxygen') has rattled the 'dry bones' of our society. He has taught us about 'Oxygen Therapies' but as importantly, he has shown us how to live our lives with style and with spiritual tenacity. In closing his first book, he opens us to infinite possibilities. His conclusion? 'We all have a lot to discover.'"

George A. Freibott IV, ND, MD (h), DNB.
President and Lifelong Trustee
American Naturopathic Association
January, 2002, President of the American Naturopathic Association

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