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HIV Infected Man Discovers Ozone Therapy

By Ed McCabe© 2003

             I just proved this Oxygen Therapy stuff I have lectured about worldwide for 15 years to myself once again... A local man, a friend who attends our worship services, came to me with HIV, and asked for my opinion. He had been doing the never-ending rounds of AIDS drugs, but kept reading about their long-term side effects. He decided to get off and completely stop all AIDS drugs and was instead trying the natural approach of diet change and home supplements.

             He was given so many sales snow jobs by well meaning alternative practitioners and supplement believers that he was sure these things alone would do the trick. He did not yet know the strength of his foe. I said, "Great, you should eat well, supplement your missing nutrients, etc., but HOW are you going to actually KILL the viruses without having much of an immune system left? Only oxygen is safe, and bacterial and viral anaerobes causing the problems can't live in it."

             Hmmm...he thought. This dietary and supplementation approach he was utilizing - over time - did however, lay a foundation of slowly correcting his dietary deficiencies and enable his body to start a slight detoxification. He started with taking specific ionic minerals, light home oxy-supplements, MSM, etc. Then he upped the ante and started oxygen/ozone rectal insufflation up to an hour per day.

             In hindsight this comparatively slow period was apparently also designed by the All That Is to slowly start to ease the drug residues stored in his cells out of his system and get him ready and stronger for what was coming. He of course, was shocked when once off the medications his previously artificially suppressed-by-drugs HIV count shot up to what it really was, and he naturally became quite fearful. "I'm eating natural food and taking supplements, I'm using the ozone rectal insufflation, I'm doing everything right, aren't I? What's happening to me?" he complained.

             "Ah yes, grasshopper," I replied, "but you are not killing the virus. You are not yet serious enough with your oxygen therapy! From what I have seen over 15 years, nothing equals increasing maximum dose ozone direct IV (Except proper ozone Recirculatory Hemo Perfusion - RHP- blood dialysis)."

             Perhaps in a year or so just the ozone insufflation (the same applies for ozone autohemotherapy and ozone saline drips) he was doing would have kicked in deep enough to make substantial gains against his viral infections - like those experienced by the man I interviewed in San Francisco. His story is in my book. The man had stayed clean, eaten correctly, and done the ozone insufflation every day for two years and come up PCR negative. But he was a much healthier case to start with, so it didn't take him that much invasiveness to turn himself around.

             BTW Always work with your doctor, one trained in the oxidative specialties. During the slow period our local friend in the immediate case also needed time to bring his mind and belief system around to correct thinking. It was hard for him to change his mind and remove the usual propaganda fear programming when presented with the facts, and even now he still needs some fine-tuning. I find this is common, they sometimes are so scared they look at the test numbers and even in the cases where we see them come up "No virus detected" they still doubt. They do not have the experience, and don't realize that I've seen this healing cycle over and over for 15 years. We simply need time to slowly transition him and his cells and his mind from the drug world to our Naturopathic one.

             With the cessation of the drugs keeping his virus counts artificially low by damaging everything in cellular sight, and with the cessation of the drugs further artificially boosting his T-cell counts with immature copies so the labs looked good enough to convince him to keep on buying drugs, he started to see how sick he really was underneath the drug induced fog of symptom treatment. We know Magic Johnson's recommended "18 drugs to chose from" (Miami AME lecture) are designed not to cure, but keep customers just alive enough to keep buying drugs for the rest of their lives. Drug dependent slavery substituting fear for chains And besides the forever expense of drug taking, the side-effect damage from the drugs continues as well. Cha ching, cha ching, cha ching go the ca$h registers. Keep em' just enough alive to keep paying.

             The grand negative design - if the merchants alone get their way - is to have everyone infected! That just makes good business sense, and then get the local agencies and the government fully involved by equating showing real compassion with drug purchasing, and then make sure everyone is always a drug customer for life. Get it to the point of making the government enforce keeping everyone drugged - and paying for it too! 70% of all Americans are taking prescription drugs. Schoolkids are on prescription speed. New "illnesses" like ADHD are invented out of available data to " justify" more drug taking in the literature. A whole society drugged with a dimmed consciousness - not because they need it - but because it's just good business. This is of course unacceptable.

             Our friend started his detoxing and virus hunting with serious twice-daily self-taught and administered slowly increasing direct IV ozone infusions using known safety and dosage protocols. His HIV virus count at one point reached a high upwards of >750,000+ - the upper limit of the test, & he had only a scant 17 T-cells left! A normal T-cell count is >1,500+. We know and expect that if you test during the ozone therapy cleansing detox cycle - that the tests count both live and freshly killed by ozone virons which makes the numbers seem to shoot up very high. And the count of 17 actual real undamaged mature T-cells showed he had almost completely lost his immune system due to the advanced progression of his disease condition.

             He promised himself to, and did, exactly the normal protocols as we went along. I monitored and advised, and he self-adjusted. When the active oxygen/ozone caused cleansing really got going during the two months of hard core therapy, he forced himself to continue even while suffering through all sorts of detox symptoms. Please note, however, a lot of his uncomfortable detox irritation; rashes, sweats, soreness, a short bout of pneumonia, etc., as different cell areas threw out the toxins, was avoidable. He could have used RHP instead of direct IV, but he couldn't afford it.

             In the RHP therapy most of the irritants are filtered away outside the body, not sent back through the organs as in direct IV. After the classic major detoxification symptoms were subsiding, and as he became clean, he continued therapy but he "started to lose weight rapidly (1.5 lbs a day for 5 days) and felt horrible, and was almost too weak to get out of bed." At this point of "all he could stand" he took himself off the IV ozone.

             We know that ozone speeds up metabolism, so when everything was clean, weight loss at the end of the cleansing was expected. The body had pushed out all the toxins it could at the time. So with fewer bacteria, viruses and toxins to be used up on, the body switched to using the active oxygen and subspecies to remove any toxins stored in fat. He had reached the - for now - limit of his treatment. And sure enough, starting on the day he stopped hard core therapy he immediately felt great and started gaining weight and looking better and better.

             He just got his new labs back, Only thirty days after stopping the ozone treatment his latest tests now show that he has reduced his viral load an amazing 96.5%! He at one point had an HIV count of above 750,000 and now it tests at a scant 261. I suspect that even this count of 261 might be just dead virons still being flushed out, but time will tell.

             Now that the body is not forced to use all its energy fighting infections, it has energy enough to attempt to repair and re-build itself with what it has left to work with. His T-cells are climbing, presently up 500% from 17 to 103, and he feels great, looks healthy, and has plenty of energy. The total time elapsed since starting his two months of serious ozone therapy has been three months. He continues with eating right, taking supplements - especially minerals and MSM - and occasional oxygen supplementation. This is simply because it's good sense for anyone to do, but in his case he does not have a full immune system yet. I have seen cases where people have had ZERO T-cells remain relatively healthy. They go through the full therapy and cleansing, but then continue to get ozone "booster" shots to replace the missing immune system until it returns, if ever. Anyway, in this case, "Chalk up another one."

                Visit the website for more information, or call.

"Take note. The interest this book will unleash is noteworthy. Both lay and professional persons who secretly will not admit their ignorance in this emerging field of study will use it as a guide."

- Mona Harrison,
MD, Former Assistant Dean, Boston Univ. School of Medicine

                Best-selling author Ed McCabe's new book Flood Your Body With Oxygen, Therapy For Our Polluted World explores all these issues and more! for more information, or call 800-247-6553 to order. 640 pages, $27.99.

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