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Drugs and Magic in Miami

Drugs, drugs, drugs, and more drugs. On April 18th, 2003 I witnessed one of the slickest ad campaigns I have ever seen when Magic Johnson's traveling drug show came to the AME church in Miami. The drug companies have traditionally done an excellent marketing and spin job, but this event was sales perfection. These days, no one with HIV notices how slickly they, and most of us, have been led into never thinking or daring to question whether we should be automatically assuming drugs are the only treatment for HIV. Is it OK that most Americans are taking prescription drugs? Everyone tells us about drugs; the government, the doctors, the schools, our family, why simply everyone. But are there any other HIV treatments that are less harmful, without side effects, without a lifelong purchasing expense, and better than drugs? Treatments that might ELIMINATE the cause instead of treat it forever? But never mind about details like that.

First you "fund" with "grants" all the compassionate local people and groups trying to help the HIV stricken, and by doing so eventually make them dependent upon your continued drug company funding. Is this why Miami's Care Resources just banned my book (exploring non-drug therapies and including 133 medical references) from the public Miami Aids "Walk For A Cure?"

Then you take one bodyguard-surrounded millionaire sports hero - in fact idol - of the black community, and mix in giveaway condoms, posters, HIV test kits, and snacks, and then warm up the crowd with some of the best kick-butt gospel choir music on the planet, add endorsements by a "chosen" well dressed good-looking successful medical director of a local school, and finally deliver your punch line by having the successful sports hero millionaire idol repeat over and over and over; "Take your drugs, take your drugs, take your drugs."

Add to this the absence of any mention that Magic has been using medical ozone therapy to treat his HIV - first at a study in UC San Diego, and then later in clinics in Bay St. Louis Mississippi, and then Montana, Bel Air, and the Dominican Republic - because viruses can't exist when surrounded by medical ozone - and then you've got a solid home run for the Galaxo Smith Klein pharmaceutical marketing department. Rest assured, most all the poor unwitting HIV infected people in attendance will now automatically become permanent drug customers.

Next marketing/sales step: Once the political power base of all these ever-increasing numbers of new drug users and new drug wanters is wrapped up tight in a package of "compassion," then get all of the above people to start demanding that the government make drugs free for everyone, and available all the time. That way we can ALL start taking them and be part of the "Take your drugs, take your drugs, take your drugs" chant excitement. Talk about a sales bonanza! Cha ching, cha ching, cha ching goes the GSK cash register.

When asked by an audience member if his money affords him better health care, Magic Johnson says, "You have the same choice as I do of 18 drugs." What he does not say is that although he may have the same drug choices like everybody else, he was also able to travel to exotic destinations like Mississippi and the Dominican republic in the early nineties to now closed clinics to get medical ozone therapy.

Medical ozone therapy is commonly used in German, Russian, Indian, and other hospitals and clinics, yet the techniques are not taught in American medical schools because the funding for the med schools comes from guess who? The drug companies. They would prefer you to not notice that 50 years of safe medical ozone therapy use outside America proves that viruses cannot exist in active forms of oxygen which are easily administered to the human body and stored blood. More details and over 500 medical references available at

Mr Oxygen - Ed McCabe
Best-selling author of
"Flood Your Body With Oxygen" & "Therapy For Our Polluted World"

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