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Ed McCabe and Associates Show U.S. Senator and Top NIH Directors Ozone-Using PCR- Negative Ex-AIDS Patients in 1992


1992 July. Ed McCabe author of "Oxygen Therapies" went to Washington on July 22nd, 1992. The trip was made after setting up private meetings with 2 U.S. Congressmen to coincide with the meeting that former Iowa Congressman Berkly Bedell and Ed McCabe had set up on the same day with U.S. Senator Tom Harkin, the former Presidential Candidate.

Mr. Bedell and Mr. McCabe decided to invite 2 doctors that had each brought a patient from HIV+ to HIV-. They also invited Jim Caplan, the man responsible for convincing the Cubans to approve medical ozone therapy for general use, and Dr. John Pittman, an ozone using doctor,and one of his recently denied treatment AIDS patients. Dr. Pittman's office was closed down by the North Carolina state medical board in the middle of successful clinical ozone trials due to "ozone not being FDA approved." They visited the Congressmen, were warmly received at each meeting, and ended up in turn at Senator Harkin's office for our meeting with him, where they were joined at this point by Dr. Michael Carpendale and his boss from the San Francisco Veterans Administration Hospital.

Senator Harkin scheduled us for only a 1/2 hour meeting, but he was so intrigued by our proof that we discussed ozone successfully treating AIDS with him for one and one half hours. He immediately decided to set up a meeting between us and the NIH's (National Institute of Health) Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director, Dr.Anthony Fauci. The AIDS "problem" comes under the jurisdiction of this institute, and Dr. Fauci has been referred to as the U.S. Government's "AIDS Czar." Senator Harkin is on the NIH appropriations committee, so he has their ear.

1992 Aug On August 20th we met in NIH's building 31 wing 7A room 24 with Dr. Fauci and his boss Deputy NIH Director Dr. Moskowitz. Also present were Dr. Hill, Dr. Killan, and other legislative and legal aides. Mike Hall and Marina Metallios were there to observe for Senator Harkin's Office. About 30 people attended.

We presented our two ozone treated patients who no longer were HIV+, and no longer had fevers, swollen lymph nodes, diarrhea, pain, night sweats, weight loss, or any other manifestation of the AIDS/ARC disease. We handed Dr. Fauci and the others copies of their medical documentation, and they listened to Doctor Carpendale and one other doctor and their former AIDS patients. Dr. Latino from Medizone spoke of the flawless ozone animal trials that had already been done by Medizone. Dr. Pittman and one of his patients made emotional pleas for the open medical use of ozone so he could finish his clinical ozone trials. I asked for the same, gave them a brief 50 year history of the effectiveness of medical ozone on hundreds of thousands of people in Europe, and cited ozone's perfect safety record in millions of dosages. We made a sound, experienced, documented, and reasonable case for the immediate investigation of ozone's effectiveness in treating AIDS successfully. I also asked if anything could be done to influence the FDA to halt its suppressions of ozone-using M.D.'s. We were told that the NIH had no power over the FDA.

Comment: Picture this. Here's our small but dedicated group gathered at a round table with the U.S. Government's official AIDS policy makers. Around the outside of the table are aides, secretaries, assistants, and division chiefs. There were no big corporations funding us, as is usually the everyday case at these meetings. Although the NIH people only had to walk down the hall to be there, we all had to take time out from work and pay our own considerable travel, hotel, and meal expenses. We came from all over the country simply to help our fellow countrymen dying from AIDS. We were sitting right there at the table with two now perfectly healthy former AIDS patients testing HIV negative - one PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction - a test for any of the seven nucleotides of the HIV virus itself) negative, and one Western Blot/Elisa (HIV antibody presence) negative. We were sitting there with the examples and their records showing complete eradication of all secondary diseases, their actual doctors, a politically harassed-doctor and his patient who can't get the treatment, and several thick notebooks of ozone medical references from the U.S. and Europe.

What answer did we get? "We see no reason to pursue this." Let me repeat that: "We see no reason to pursue this." And, "They are obviously so healthy that they must not have had the disease." And, "We won't look at this treatment unless you have the patients PCR tested twice before treatment proving the presence of the HIV virus, stored blood from when they were positive, two PCR tests during treatment, and two PCR tests after ozone treatment proving the absence of the virus." What a reply from an institution funded by our tax dollars to find a cure for AIDS while people suffer and tragically slowly waste away. Not exactly encouraging was it? The weight of evidence sitting right there was enough to immediately investigate ozone, without adding all the new requirements on. The NIH has billions of dollars, and they could have done something after all we went through, you would think they could have at least made some phone calls to other doctors and patients as a goodwill gesture, but to only say in effect, "Go home"? Even though they did give us a clearly defined goal to shoot for, I couldn't help feeling that the goal line was just moved way back.

Analysis: Here's the problem with the current NIH reasoning:

1. Although they said they were unknowledgeable about the FDA's history of seizing ozone machines, harassing ozone using doctors, and forcing doctors to falsely claim ozone as worthless, they did hear me tell them of all this and how hard it was to get any doctors to show up at all to testify and present evidence to them. How can anyone conduct open trials on this beneficial treatment if the FDA will close them down as soon as they open the doors?

2. Promoting the unproven "HIV causes AIDS" scenario, they want 6 PCR HIV tests, each costing around 350 dollars. Total of $2,100+ per patient. First of all, there are several PCR tests around, and none of this is covered by insurance, so which PCR test will they believe?

And who's going to pay for it? The ozone doctors are financially strapped, and the AIDS patients have already spent their savings on hospitals, doctors and drugs like AZT, DDI, and etcetera. There were also no PCR tests commonly available back when the patients we brought in first tested HIV positive, so having PCR's on them was an impossible requirement! Also, many of the patents on ozone therapy are now in the public domain, so no pharmaceutical company will support research.

3. They told us, via their announcement that they will not consider ozone unless we met the new PCR requirements, that the HIV virus is the ONLY thing to look for. Nowhere has it ever been proven that the HIV virus is the only definitive cause of AIDS; it was simply announced one day in the media as a probable cause. Dr. Gallo's work "HIV causes AIDS" was proven fraudulent. According to the latest international AIDS conference held in Amsterdam (1992), people die from AIDS who never test positive for HIV! The virus is probably only a promoter or possibly a co-factor of the disease. So why judge ozone's effectiveness upon the presence or absence of a possibly non- essential virus? Why ignore the most significant facts proving complete eradication of all secondary diseases and symptoms? This is a far more compelling test of whether or not to immediately begin research into ozone, if those who suffer can have their suffering eliminated, whether or not they test "PCR negative."

Comment: What about the quality of their life since ozone all by itself? The way the Center For Disease Control has decided to officially classify if someone has AIDS or not tells the story. They look for the presence of several "hallmark" diseases all occurring at once. Both patients that we brought in had completely eliminated their secondary infections and any clinical symptoms. Therefore by definition, besides testing HIV negative, they no longer had AIDS according to CDC guidelines!

The real live people with their medical records and blood tests were sitting right in front of the NIH employees - yet they could not see. Or they chose not to see. Let's hope more practical thinking will win out in the end.

Just so you understand medical ozone in the proper treatment of AIDS, a few shots of medical ozone are not going to be magic bullets. Successful ozone AIDS treatment has always been 2 to 5 hours a day of a number of oxidative and other therapies for three to six weeks in a row, depending upon the particular aggregate methods employed. These methods are always combined with lifestyle changes, proper diet, eliminative organ cleansing, a spiritual or moral balance to help eliminate denial of self, and the inclusion of an immune system rebuilding regimen.

6 U.S. doctors have reported to me over 200 people turning HIV negative. I also have video interview proof that this therapy is remarkably effective on cancer and even diseases like multiple sclerosis. As a society we should look in the direction of ozone soon, instead of watching more die needlessly as we continue chasing the old ways that obviously don't work.

Ed McCabe's publication "03 VS AIDS" has over 120 medical references on the efficacy of ozone. Further documentation, info, publications, tapes, subscriptions, and past issues are available from:

"The Family News"
9845 N.E. Second Ave.
Miami Shores, FL 33138.
United States of America.
Telephone: 305/759-8710

Copyrighted 1992, 1993, 1994 & 2000 By Ed McCabe.

Ozone is Produced by Antibodies
During Bacterial Killing

The Scripps Research Institute La Jolla, California November 14, 2002.

The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) is reporting that antibodies can destroy bacteria, playing a hitherto unknown role in immune protection. Furthermore, when antibodies do this, they appear to produce the reactive gas ozone.

The ozone may be part of a previously unrecognized killing mechanism that would enhance the defensive role of antibodies by allowing them to participate directly in the killing. Previously, antibodies were believed only to signal an immune response. Also called immunoglobulins, antibodies are secreted proteins produced by immune cells that are designed to recognize a wide range of foreign pathogens. After a bacterium, virus, or other pathogen enters the bloodstream, antibodies target antigens [proteins, fat molecules, and other pieces of the pathogen] that are specific to that foreign invader. These antibodies then alert the immune system to the presence of the invaders and attract lethal "effector" immune cells to the site of infection.

For the last hundred years, immunologists have firmly held that the role of antibodies was solely to recognize pathogens and signal the immune system to make an immune response. The conventional wisdom was that the dirty work of killing the pathogens was to be left to other parts of the immune system. Now, Scripps has demonstrated that antibodies also have the ability to kill bacteria. This suggests that rather than simply recognizing foreign antigens and then activating other parts of the immune system to the site of infection, the antibodies may further enhance the immune response by directly killing some of the bacteria themselves. Antibodies appear to make ozone , which they detected through its chemical signature, which no other known molecule has. Never before has ozone been detected in biology.

It has been known that all antibodies have the ability to produce hydrogen peroxide, but they need to first have available a molecule known as "singlet" oxygen - another highly reactive oxygen species - to use as a substrate. Singlet oxygen is an energetically charged form of oxygen that forms spontaneously during normal metabolic processes. Phagocytes like neutrophils produce singlet oxygen and are the most likely source of the substrate for antibody production of hydrogen peroxide. Antibodies attract neutophils to the site of an infection. Once there, the neutrophils will engulf and destroy bacteria and other pathogens by blasting them with singlet oxygen and other oxidative molecules.

The antibodies combine singlet oxygen with water to produce hydrogen peroxide, producing ozone as a side product.

Another interesting finding is that the antibodies carry the reaction through an unusual intermediate chemical species of dihydrogen trioxide, a reduced form of ozone. Dihydrogen trioxide H2O2 + O1 = H2O3 has also never before been observed in biological systems, and its presence as an intermediate has been the source of considerable speculation in the scientific community. The team's reported detection of ozone is strong support of this proposed dihydrogen trioxide intermediate, and now the team is tackling the larger question of what it means.

The research article, "Evidence for Antibody-Catalyzed Ozone Formation in Bacterial Killing" is authored by Paul Wentworth, Jr., Jonathan E. McDunn, Anita D. Wentworth, Cindy Takeuchi, Jorge Nieva, Teresa Jones, Cristina Bautista, Julie M. Ruedi, Abel Gutierrez, Kim D. Janda, Bernard M. Babior, Albert Eschenmoser, and Richard A. Lerner, and appears in the November 18, 2002 "Science Express," the advanced publication edition of the journal Science. The article will appear in Science later this year.




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