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Oxygen Water,
the Solution

           Good clean pure water is being stuffed with oxygen in a variety of ways, by many companies. The methods used to do this, and the resulting oxygenated liquids are very diverse, but as the technologies improve, we will see the parts per million climb, and these waters will be sold everywhere, fulfilling my prophecies that oxygenated products will be in every home.

          As I wrote in my October 1996 "Ask Mr. Oxygen" column published in "The Family Health News", and simultaneously on the Internet's "" website:

           I believe we are now in the time before the "storm" or the "main events", depending upon how you view changes that are surely coming to our personal and global lives. Right from the start, my years of preaching/teaching oxygen work had a twofold intent:

1. Prepare as many of us as possible for the diminishing global oxygen levels, and
2. Prepare as many of us as possible for the possibility of a worsening of the existing and emerging diseases/plagues within a short time.

           You who have enough awareness to supplement oxygen on a daily basis will probably be the ones who build the future populations, while those who chose to continue to ignore our "Our bodies and immune systems desperately need more oxygen right now!" message will fade from view by their own hand. After all, this is a free will zone.

And I still am telling you:
           Due to the increases in pollution, and the rapid decline of available clean oxygen on our planet, and the resulting loss of oxygen from our food, our air, and our water, I firmly believe that in the near future the common man will be flocking to the marketplace to get enough oxygen for his needs. This will directly tie into the increasing understanding that diseases can't live in properly oxygenated bodies, and that our immune systems run on oxygen.

          For the sake of the human race, it is incumbent upon producers to, as quickly as possible, place these emerging oxygenating technologies into their production lines so they become widely available.

          Everyone will buy mass produced oxygenated water and other oxygenated beverages and oxygenated products in order to feel good again, and confirm the well founded belief they will help to prevent disease. Oxygenated drinks are the next wave of popular beverages.

          The only way most of us will get enough oxygen is by drinking it.

- Ed McCabe, best-selling author of
"Oxygen Therapies, A New Way of Approaching Disease"




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