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The Legality of Ozone

Used legally in thousands of hospitals and clinics all over the world for over 100 years.

US Naturopaths are not Federally regulated, and have used ozone therapies for over 100 years.

Canadian Naturopaths legally use ozone as well.

In the U.S.A. there presently is a struggle going on between whether the drug company lovers can force the rest of us to only buy drugs and use nothing else. Some arrogant authoritarian egos will not dare face that the whole of their medical schooling, careers, and lives might have been mostly in pursuit of error divorced from Nature. They will fight us and use their stooges to force their methods upon us, whether we like it or approve of it or not. What they do not see is that the majority of the people are not about to give up their fundamental rights to chose, no matter how much the nightly news tries to scare them.

Treaties and the U.S. courts have decreed that: Once a doctor is licensed, he or she acquires the substantial property rights included in that license. These property rights encompass the right of liberty to use whatever means and methods their professional judgments deem necessary to help their patients the best way they know how. They can also do so without having any unreasonable interference by the state.

To be certain the licensed professionals are not losing their inalienable liberty rights through mere lower level administrative decree and agency fiat, and at the same time to to send a clear message to state regulatory agencies that they should never be unduly influenced by the seductive voices of any one momentarily popular industry, many states have enacted medical statutes generally known as 'Alternative Medicine Practice Acts.'

These laws are designed to help any healers who chose to follow the majority's path of 'licensing' so they can do the best healing they know how any way they can and never be closed to innovation. Of course the patient must always be fully informed, and proper records kept.

Even though the laws may already be on the local books, the agency secretaries and authorities may give you trick answers to throw you off the scent when you call them. You may be told something like: "We have no laws legalizing alternative medicine." They know full well that you are not a Boston lawyer and might not realize what they just said was just bureaucratic oublespeak for: "We are not in the business of approving or disproving any specific therapy [including ozone], that is the job of each individual doctor to do for themselves. We only administer 'freedom to practice' statutes. We did just pass (or update) one of them." Always read the actual statute.

The following states have enough common sense to have passed such freedom to practice laws re-confirming our God given and statute and court confirmed rights to help each other.

The following states have such laws.

  • a. Alaska
  • b. Colorado
  • c. Georgia
  • d. Nevada
  • e. New Mexico
  • f. New York
  • g. North Carolina
  • h. Oklahoma
  • i. Texas
  • j. Washington
  • k. Florida
  • l. Minnesota
  • m. And now California!


  • The Province of Alberta
  • Ontario
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