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Health - A new perception, January 27, 2003
Reviewer: Joseph Clarke from Melbourne, Australia

After ingesting first Hydrogen Peroxide then various stabilised Oxygen products over a period of 7 years and accumulating many health benefits along the way I find that Ed's book, "Flood your Body with Oxygen", so convincing that any further research into the subject of Oxygen Therapies should just be 'fine tuning' and extending principals already established. As a result I have now made it my mission to distribute this book as far and wide as possible in Australia. At long last we have information that views our health in a positive light by teaching that Disease is an unnecessary part of life and, more importantly, the means by how it can be eliminated.

Great Reading!!, January 25, 2003
Reviewer: Nicole Sacks from Idaho

Having been saved from ill health by "Oxygen Therapies", I read Ed McCabes new book. Really good reading. Suggest it to all those seeking a healthy life and lifestyle. Keep up the good work Ed!

HIV and Ozone Therapy, January 25, 2003
Reviewer: DeCourcy W. Orrickfrom Ft. Lauderdale, FL United States

I have just completed my second reading of Flood Your Body with Oxygen, by Ed McCabe, and I found the book to be enlightening in all respects. As an AIDs sufferer who is not on the protease cocktails, I have been searching for a means to end my HIV infection, and I believe ozone therapy is the answer.
Since beginning the oxygen therapy my secondary AIDS related infections have all but disappeared, and I will get my quarterly blood test results in a couple of weeks. The proof will be in the pudding as they say. Mr. McCabe's book is written for the layman and is easily understandable by all. It is not a technical treatise, but a simple, instructive guide for anyone who wants better health without the use of prescription drugs.
I highly recommend this book and its many oxygen therapies... DeCourcy Orrick.

Flood Your Body With Oxygen , January 22, 2003
A reader from San Diego, CA United States

I love this book. It is truly the bible of oxygen therapy and benefits. One thing I am grateful for is the reference to a product mentioned on page 168 of this book. It saved my life, and immediately helped a number of friends and family members as well. The book is impeccably researched and indexed. It is the best book of its type that I've seen. I would advise anyone who is interested in this subject to start with this book.

A Definitive Work, January 20, 2003
Everett Hale from San Marcos, CA United States

After reading this well researched book, I finally see the real answer to health! It sure isn't the pharmaceutical companies!! Well documented and interesting read in layman's terms.

This book can keep you alive, January 18, 2003
Michael H Berhosky from Clearwater, FL United States

Ed's new book is a fantastic collection of beneficial information on how to get healthy and stay that way. Beginning with a discussion of food and just why our diet serves not only to invite disease into our body but guarantee it a permanent home, Ed introduces us to a fascinating, simple to understand explanation of just why we need this oxygen stuff anyway. Like his previous books, there is so much good, practical information contained here that you will quite possibly be overwhelmed at first but KEEP reading ! I think every one needs to know why nearly every dis-ease condition you have or will get can be traced back to a depleted oxygen condition in YOUR body.

Next, you learn about the numerous ways to increase your oxygen level as well as the advantages to each approach and how to go about getting as much oxygen as you need.

To someone unfamiliar with this topic, I would like to provide an easy example: I was speaking with a nurse who had worked in a cancer center for over a decade. I asked her if she agreed that Hydrogen Peroxide was a good choice to dis-infect a cut and she replied "Of course." I then asked her what was the active ingredient in the Hydrogen Peroxide that disinfected the wound?

She was stumped then shocked when I replied... "An extra molecule of Oxygen bonded to water. . . H2O2."
What else can you expect from this book? Aids, Cancer, and so many other diseases have been cured with correctly administered Oxygen Therapies... First class sections on airplanes get better air than economy class by a factor of about 8 to 1 ! Medical Ozone and air pollution are not the same thing.

There is so much more to say but why hear it from me when you can get the information first hand from the guy who has literally been walking the walk and talking the talk for going on 20 years.
This is one book you will never forget.

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