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November 22nd 2006

International Ozone News:

Grand Opening!
New IV Ozone Hospital Special

Announcing the opening of a new ozone hospital.
Specializing in treating cancer (and other things) integrating IV and other ozone with cutting edge stem cell technology - a new ozone hospital has opened up over the border from Laredo in a nice part of Mexico. The doctor is a recognized top Mexican surgeon and is trusted and backed by the government there, and best of all he is a friend of Ed's, and he has been getting excellent results using many ozone techniques under Ed's advice. He is presently offering one of the most advanced set of medical therapies currently available. We know of no place else where one can get ozone and stem cell therapy. The best part: as the “opening special“ so to speak, to get rolling and fill the beds, he reports asking only $10,000 each for treatment. He can do this because of the favorable exchange rate.

Contact: email for details.

Malaysian RHP Ozone Hospital Report

The cancer patient previously mentioned in this newsletter has settled in nicely at the new Malaysian ozone hospital. Our subscribers contributed more than $500. Two especially gave large sums. You all know who you are, and speaking for all of us we thank you so much for putting your money behind your beliefs, backing up truth with more than talk, your compassion for a brother, and standing tall.

When unjustly and illegally in prison I personally learned the very hard way that many, many, so called friends and admirers will wish you well because it is easy, but only a select few really, really, mean it deeply by actually helping. ACTION - actually doing something about it or not - this is where the real rubber meets the real road. The human appearing Angels show themselves by action, and do not need praise by doing so.

We will have more reports about these two projects.

"Again I wish to tell you how much we honor all of you for your willingness to experience duality. Your contributions will forever be recognized. There will come a time when you will travel the universe and all you will meet along the road will stop and stare in awe at your essence and will recognize your celebrity. Your colors will tell the others where you have been and what you have done."

Happy Oxygen!
The Breath of God Society

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