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Table of Contents
Comments: What Oxygen Users Say About Ed McCabe and Oxygen Acknowledgments
Foreword:Dr. Mona Harrison, MD, Fmr. Asst. Dean - BU Med School
Foreword:Dr. Martin Dayton D.O., MD, MD (h), C.C.N., F.A.A.F.P.
Foreword:Dr. George Freibott ND, Pres. ANA
The Beginning
The Ed McCabe Story A
The Wholistic One Page Version of This Book
WHY Oxygen and Ozone Work so Well I
Solving the Human Health and Disease Riddle J
Solving the Animal Health and Disease Riddle K
Solving the Plant Health and Disease Riddle L
Introduction 1

Problem Solving 1
Our Mutual Voyage 1
How My Work Was Accomplished 3
The Search Was On 4
Purposeful Positioning 4
My Contribution 5
Filling the Need 5
Ozone Goes into Hiding 6
The Re-emergence of Ozone in Modern Times 8
Ozone Cowboys! 11
The First Modern U.S. 'Experiment' Using Direct IV, Ozone 13
Problems with Non Regulated Clinics 14
My First Ozone IV
and the Importance of detoxification 16
The Seed Began to Grow 19
My First Book 19
The Pioneer Role 20
My Job 21
My Results 22
The Reason for This New Book 22
The Approach to Take 22
Part One: The Problems
Chapter 1: Life and Health on This Planet 26
City People 26
The Air Oxygen Content 28
Our Atmosphere 29
Natural Oxidation Environmental Cleanup 30
The Natural World Life Cycle and Oxygen 30
O2, O3, H2O2, H2O Cycle, Nature's Ozone and Peroxide 32
The Ozone Layer 33
Natural Hydrogen Peroxide 33
The Importance of Ozone in Nature 34
The Importance of Oxygen Combining with Hydrogen 36
Oxygen and the Environmental Solution 37
Chapter 2: The Problem of Anoxia, Your Lack of Oxygen 38
How Pollution Affects Our Bodies 40
Polluted Food Air and Water Filling Us Up 41
Study Reveals Depression Treatment has Soared 44
Chapter 3: Toxins
First Big Oxy-Truth:
The Ultimate Cause of All Disease is Toxins 46
Baby's First Toxin 47
Koch on Toxins 48
The Difference Between Healthy and Diseased Cells 49
Only the Weak Cells Are Burnt Up and Washed Away 49
Diseased Organs 50
Proper Oxygen is Harmless to the Body 50
Emotions and Cell Energy Production 51
The Winners Have the Oxy-Edge 51
How Does Nature Take Out the Garbage? 52
Plentiful Oxygen Removes Toxins from the Body 53
Cleaning Out 56
Chapter 4: Anaerobes
Second Big Oxy-Truth: The Majority of Diseases Are Anaerobic 57
Microbes Specialize to Evade the Immune System 58
Evolving Above the Level of Anaerobes 60
Active Oxygen is the Key 61
Free Radicals 62
What about Antioxidants? 63
Somatids, The Smallest Life Forms
Pleomorphism, Oxygen 65

Part Two: The Solutions
Chapter 5: Clean Food, Clean Water, Clean Air 68
Food 68
The Best Oil 69
Udo's Contribution to Mr. Oxygen's Book 70
The Largest Section in the Drugstore is always
Digestive Aids 73
Salt and Vegetable Sodium 74
Potassium is the Missing Key 77
Considering Changing your Diet? 80
Water 81
Dehydration 84
How Much Water Should We Drink? 89
Oxygenated Water 91
Air 93
Swimming in a Sea of Air 93
Chapter 6: Why I Say "Flood Your Body" with Oxygen 95
Always Start with the Oxygen Question! 96
Chapter 7: Getting Regular Oxygen Inside Us 98
So How Do I Get the Oxygen
Do I Get a Tank or What? 98
Breathing the Complete Breath 99
Sports 99
About Breathing 100
The Science of Breath 101
Breathing and the Life Force 102
Avoid Mouth Breathing 102
The Complete Breath Exercise 103
Count 104
Yogi Techniques 104
Spirituality Linked to Oxygenation 105
Traditional Bottled Oxygen Therapies 106
Bottled Oxygen 106
Oxygen Bars 107
Air Travel 108
Hyperbarics 109
Oxygen and Exercise 111
Urban Oxy-Myths 112
Oxygen Starving Practices and Experiments 113
Chapter 8: Oxygenated Liquids 114
Hydration 115
Oxygenated Water, the Differences 115
Oxy-Water the Only Steam Distilled
Oxygenized Water 118
The Importance of Distilled Water 118
Sports 119
The Oxy-Water Process 120
Oxy-Water FAQ 121
Oxygenated Water, the Savior of Mankind 122
Oxygenated Water Coolers 122
The Millennium Oxygenating Water Cooler 122
Oxygen Shot 123
Ozonated Bottled Water 123
Chapter 9: Hydrogen Peroxide 124
What is Hydrogen Peroxide? 124
How is Hydrogen Peroxide Made? 124
Hydrogen Peroxide in the Atmosphere 125
Hydrogen Peroxide's Discovery 125
Hydrogen Peroxide's Role in the Body 125
Antibodies that Burn Water 126
Peroxisomes, the Body's Peroxide Factories 127
Peroxide: Called Oxygen Water, Dioxogen
Alphozone and Hydrozone 127
Peroxide's Past Role in Medicine 128
Documented Findings 128
The Word was Spreading 130
Dr. William F. Koch 132
Dr. Charles H. Farr 133
Dr. Farr's Peroxide Experiment 134
Peroxidation 135
Here's What Dr. Farr Discovered 135
Summary of Experiment 136
Dr. Farr Explains Hydrogen Peroxide Cleansing 136
Cleansing Reactions 136
Medical Applications of Hydrogen Peroxide 138
Dr. Farr on Peroxide Spot Injections 138
Athletes Take Note 138
Infusions of Hydrogen Peroxide 139
How Many Treatments? 140
Seven Thousand Hydrogen Peroxide Articles 140
Oral Ingestion 141
How Long Does One Stay on an Oxygen Therapy? 142
Comparing Peroxide Strengths 144
Peroxide in Poverty and Disease Stricken Countries 145
Local Food Grade 6 Percent Peroxide for the Less Advantaged 146
Do Not Stop Abruptly 149
Peroxide vs. Ozone 151
Bathing in Hydrogen Peroxide 151
Caution! Strong Peroxide Can Cause White Burns 152
The Effects of Peroxide Bathing 152
Dilute Peroxide-Enemas and Colonics 153
Rectal Drip with Peroxide 156
Personal Hygiene and Peroxide 156
Advanced Oxygen Skin Care Products 157
Chapter 10: Commercial and Domestic Peroxide Use 160
Grades of Hydrogen Peroxide 160
The Many Uses of Peroxide 161
Storing Peroxide 161
Aseptic Packaging and Peroxide 162
Hydrogen Peroxide Around the Home 162
Bathroom 162
Dishwasher 162
Humidifiers and Steamers 162
Kitchen 162
Laundry 162
Hydrogen Peroxide and Food 163
Marinade 163
Sprouting Seeds 163
Vegetables 163
Hydrogen Peroxide in the Garden 163
Insecticide Spray 163
Plants 163
Hydrogen Peroxide and Animals 163
Animal Husbandry, Agriculture and
Hydrogen Peroxide 164
Manure Odors Removed by Peroxide 165
Crops and Invisible Pesticides 165
Played Out Soils 166
Commercial Growers and Plants 167
From Dr. Boyce on Growing Oxygenated Tomatoes 167
Chapter 11: Oxygenating Liquid Supplements 169
Boracil 169
Oxy Dan and Oxy Max 169
Stabilized Electrolytes of Oxygen,
Stabilized Oxygen Sodium Chlorite,
Chlorine Dioxide Solutions 170
SEO Marketing 172
SEO Safety 173
Quick Carry Oxygen Generating Home
Multi-Supplements 175
Hydroxygen Plus 175
The Secrets of Hydroxygen Plus 176
Hydroxygen Plus and Cancer 177
Hydroxygen-Clinical AIDS Test, Johannesburg 179
OxyMune, the New Kid on the Block 183
MSM and DMSO 185
Chapter 12: Ozone the King 187
Isn't Ozone Smog? 187
Environmental Cleansing Oxidation Technology 188
Ozone is Unstable 188
Non-Toxicity of Ozone 189
Ozone is Not Smog, Ozone is Good and Natural 190
Chapter 13: The Commercial Use of Ozone 197
Air Ozonation Politics 197
Typical Misinformation 199
What's the Real Story on Ozone? 199
Air Ozone Manufacturer Reports 202
Ozone Commercial Water Purification 203
Aquariums 203
Swimming Pools 204
What about Peroxide Ozone in Pools? 204
Olympics 205
Firm Sees Ozone as Food Disinfectant 205
More Commercial Ozone Uses 206
Treatment of Toxic Waste 207
Elimination of Cyanide from Wastewater 207
Elimination of Heavy Metals from Wastewater 208
Elimination of Phenols from Wastewater 208
Deodorization and the Treatment of Gaseous Effluent 209
Prison Laundries Use Ozone 210
Pollution from Commercial Cooling Towers Can be averted 211
The Tolling of Huge Environmental Damage 212
Ozone's Advantage over Chemicals 213
Inside the Commercial Buildings 214
Contractor Jobsite Use of Ozone 215
U.S. Department of Labor Occupational and Safety Health Guidelines for Ozone 216
The Marine World of Commercial ozone 217
The Role of Ozone in Marine Environmental Protection 217
Chapter 14: Ozone in Daily Life 226
Ozone Air Purifiers and Breathing Ozonated Air 229
Mr. Oxygen's Consumer Safety Guidelines For Home Air Ozone Generators 231
Can Breathing Ozone Hurt Me? 232
Which Ozonator Should I Buy? 232
Atmospheric Ozone Concentrations 233
Do Ions Matter in Ozone Air Purifiers? 234
Environmental Illness, Allergies and Sick Building 234
From Ozone in the St Louis Schools 237
Who is Against Ozone Sanitation and Why? 238
Ozonated Water in the Home 239
Why Do Certain Water Purifiers Cost So Much? 241
Solar Ozone Water Purifiers in Disaster Areas 242
Chapter 15: The History of Ozone 243
The Pioneers in Ozone History 243
Ozone's Introduction into Medicine 245
The Medical Pioneers in Ozone History 245
Ozone Begins to Take Off 246
Ozone Fever 249
1912 Ozol Ad 249
Chapter 16: Ozone Therapies in the Home 252
Medical Applications of Ozone the Official Position 253
Is Ozone Safe? 5.5 Million Ozone Treatments Say Yes 254
If You Choose to Self-Treat at Home 255
Ozonated Pills, Powders, Potions & Lotions 255
Homozon 255
Manufacturer Protocol 258
Homozon Cleansing Reactions 258
Ozonated Oils 259
Ozonated Olive Oil 259
Ingestion of Ozonated Olive Oil 260
Ozone Equipment in the Home 260
Ozone Gas 'Body Suits' 260
Limb Bagging 261
Rectal Insufflation of O3 261
Ozonated Steam Saunas 261
Differing Viewpoints 262
In Search of Ozone 263
Undercover FDA Agent 263
Ozone Resistant Materials 264
The Violet Ray 265
Beck Box and Ozone Therapies 270
Chapter 17: Ozone Therapies in the Clinic 271
How Ozone Works in the Body 271
Inactivation of Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, Yeast 271
Enhancement of Circulation 272
Generally Accepted Effects of Traditional Ozone Therapy 272
Dr. Shallenberger's 13 Major Effects of Ozone on Humans 272
Ozone Concentration 275
How Doctors Make Injection Grade Ozone 275
Stored Blood Purified by Ozone 277
The End of Contracting Disease from Transfusions 278
1983 World Ozone Conference Published Results 278
Clinical Ozonated Water 279
Clinical Ozone Body Washing 280
The Aquacizer 280
Dentistry 281
Heal Ozone 281
Ozone Insufflations 282
Ear Insufflation 282
Vaginal Insufflation 283
Penile Insufflation 284
Rectal Insufflation 284
Single Catheter Method 284
Dual Catheter Method 286
Ozone Injections and Drips 288
Minor Autohemotherapy 288
Ozone Injections into a Muscle 288
Ozone Injection into a Varicose Vein 288
Ozone Injection into a Tumor 288
Ozone Portal Vein Injection 288
Portal Vein Protocol used for 50 Years 289
The Top Four Most Effective Clinical Ozone Delivery Systems 291
Major Autohemotherapy 291
Ozonated Saline Drips (Parenteral Ozone) 292
Direct IV Ozone 293
Ozone Does Not Cause Embolisms 294
How Effective is Direct IV? 295
Common Protocol for Direct IV 296
The Main Advantages of Direct IV 298
New Diagnostic Procedure 299
I Meet Ozone the King 299
A Drawback to Direct IV 299
Dormant 'Aids Therapy Institute' 301
Queen Mum is Staying Young with Ozone Jabs 301
Extracorporeal Recirculatory Hemoperfusion (RHP) or Polyatomic Apheresis 302
Common Protocol for Recirculatory Hemoperfusion 304
The Commercialization of Recirculatory Ozone 306
Basil Wainwright and his Polyatomic Apheresis 306
From Basil's Website 308
Kenyan Headlines 1350 Fake Claims Frustrate Kenya's Hope for An AIDS Cure 309
AIDS Patients in Kenya Sue over Ban on Ozone Therapy 310
What's the Bottom Line? 311
635 Irrefutable PCR Negative AIDS Cures? 312
Cure for AIDS Patented in 2000 313
Basil Location Update 314
Wainwright Blood Ozone Purifier 315
Other Recirculatory Hemoperfusion 317
Recirculatory Hemoperfusion near El Paso, Texas 317
Combining Various Treatments 318
Dr. James Boyce 318
Cancer and Body Maintenance 319
We Do Not Treat Disease 319
Understanding Problems that may Arise During Therapy 319
Never Stop an Oxygen Therapy Abruptly 321
Are Ozone Therapies Really Safe? 322
Are Oxygen Therapies Compatible with...? 323
The Clinical Ozone Methods, the Collected Wisdom of 50+ Years of Clinical Ozone Gas Usage 325
Ozone Consumer Guidelines and Application Methods 325
Mechanics of O3 in Medicine 327
Aquacizer Ozone Water Bath and Steam Cabinets 329
Hyperbaric Chambers 329
Recirculatory Ozone Hemoperfusion 'Polyatomic Apheresis' 329
Mr. Oxygen's Holy Grail 330
Why are Some Positive Blood Test Results Premature? 330
Chapter 18: Oxygen, Light, & Sound 332
Low level Pulsed Laser Light Therapy 336
Low Level Laser Theory 338
Chapter 19: Lymphology 340
Injuries, Swelling and Lymph 341
Lympasizing 342
Loss of Charge, Aging and Pollution 343
Chapter 20:How Oxygen Therapies Affect Specific Diseases Why are Some of Us Sick? 345
Anthrax Botulism and Other Bio-Warfare Diseases 347
Summary of Published Anthrax Literature 348
West Nile Virus 350
Smallpox 351
Arthritis 352
Cancer 352
Warburg's Prime Cause of Cancer Simplified 353
Budwig Agrees with Warburg 356
On Repairing the Damage 356
Mr. Oxygen's suggested Respiratory Warburg Formula 357
Warburg Stated "To prevent "Cancer" 358
The National Cancer Problem 359
Cancer Treatment Example 361
Cesium and Cancer 362
The Work and Findings of H. E. Sartori 363
How the Body Selectively Uses Cesium to Destroy Cancer 364
The Studies, A. Keith Brewer, Ph.D 364
Injecting Cancer Tumors with Ozone 366
Candida, Allergies, Asthma, Fatigue 367
Common Colds & Flu 368
Heart 368
Heart Attack Causes They May Not Be What You Think! 368
Ozone and Ischemic Cerebrovascular Disease 369
Angina (A Personal Observation) 370
Heart Attack Suggestions 371
Lungs, Kidneys, Liver, Blood 371
Pancreatitis & Diabetes 371
Sickle Cell Anemia 372
Sickle Cell and Ozone Therapy 372
Stomach Ulcers 375
Viral Illnesses & AIDS 376
Kenya Ground Zero, Twelve Die Per Minute 376
AIDS History and Comment 377
Modern Plague 378
HIV Virus Can't Live in Oxygen! 378
T-Cells 380
Virus Counts Goes Up 382
Tobacco Fact Sheets-Cigarettes What's in Them? 385
Does HIV Cause AIDS? 387
Some AIDS Case Histories 389
A Letter from Dr. Frank Shallenberger 389
Ozone Paper 390
Woman Had AIDS for Eight Years 391
Two Medical Studies of Women with HIV 391
HIV Infected Man 392
AIDS sufferers Helped Each Other, Co-op Formed 392
Doctor's Reports 394
Doctor Treated HIV-In 30 Days Using Ozone and DMSO 395
FDA Advisers Tied to Industry 397
Should You Blindly Follow the Status Quo? 397
Doctors Are the Third leading Cause of Death 398
Chapter 21: Mr. Oxygen's Crown Jewels of Health 400
Oxygen 401
Minerals 402
Ancient Sea Vegetables Condensed into Minerals 404
High Grade Marine Coral Calcium 405
Water 407
Enzymes 408
A Clean Colon 409
Light, Sound & Other Energy 410
Emotional Mental & Spiritual Balance 411
Part Three: The Evidence Chapter 22: Testimonials 419
Bottled Oxygen 420
Hyperbaric Oxygen 420
Oxygenated Water 421
Oxy-Water 421
Aqua Rush 425
Hydrogen Peroxide 427
Koch Therapy 433
Stabilized Electrolytes of Oxygen 433
Genesis 1000 433
Aerobic O7 436
Fruit Acid, Mineral, Enzyme, Amino Oxygen Supplements 437
Hydroxygen Plus 437
Hydroxygen Plus and Animals 441
Hydroxygen Plus and Plants 445
OxyMune 446
Oxygenating Powders 448
Homozon 448
MSM 451
Ozone 453
Air Ozonation 453
Ozone Bagging 453
Ozone Injections 453
Ozone Rectal Insufflation 457
Ozone Steam Cabinets 458
Ozonated Oil 459
Ozonated Water 460
Violet/Neon Ray 461
Low Level lasers 466
Chapter 23: Medical Reports 469
News CNN "Extra Oxygen Cuts Post-Surgical Risk" 471
Water Dehydration Reports 471
Bottled Oxygen Water Report 472
OxyMune Clinic Test 473
Chapter 24: Ozone Citations 474
Seven Good Clinical Ozone References 474
Chapter 25: North American Ozone Medical Citations 477
Chapter 26: Oxy-Experiences in Other Countries 483

Germany 483
Cuba 483
Italy 483
Russia 485
How Russia is Beating Nuclear Swords into Plow Shares 486
The Russian World of Ozone Today 486
Russian Ozone Products 489
England 492
Australia 494
Czechoslovakia 495
Canada 496
My 1994 Article Debunking the Flawed Canadian Study 499
Results Ignored 502
Incorrect Dosage Schedules and Volumes 502
Incorrect Concentrations 503
Wrong Delivery Method 503
Dr. Shannon's Recommendations 505
The Actual Written and Published Paper 505
Ozone in Veterinary Medicine Worldwide 510
Parvo 510
Part Four: The Politics Chapter 27: The Struggle 512v Shouldn't You be Rich and Famous? 512
Australian Patients Denied Ozone by Media Campaigns 513
Our National Dysfunction 518
Who is Rich and Famous? 518
Government Response to the Natural Health Explosion 520
The Business of Medicine Pretends to Change 524
The FDA Point of Perspective 528
Chapter 28: O3 VS. AIDS 530
NIH Presented with Successful AIDS Treatment in 1992 531
The Problem with NIH Reasoning 533
Chapter 29: Ozone VS. Bio-Terrorism 535
My Letter Offering the CDC Anthrax Solution 535
Chapter 30: The Lights 537
Walter Grotz, the Foremost Hydrogen Peroxide Proponent 537
Walter and Ed 537
The Finchley Clinic of London 539
Plasmafire 539
Ken and Mardy Theifault 540
Both Sides of the MD/ND Fence Working Together 540
Is There Any Real Justice Left? 541
IAHF 542
The National Foundation for Alternative Medicine 543
Chapter 31: Alternative Medicine Practices Act 544
California Passes the Best Laws Yet 545
Chapter 32: Conclusion 546
Oxygen is Good for You! 546
Part Five: The Resources Resources 550
IBOM 563
Index 568
Our Antibodies Produce Ozone 582
Cuban Ozone Therapy Specialists Published Papers 583
Reading, Viewing, Listening 589
Other Publications 590
Oxygen America, Oxygen Therapies Family Health News 592
Breath of God Society 593 594

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