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Warburg's Prime Cause of Cancer Simplified
Copyright 2001 by Ed McCabe

Adapted from two-time Nobel Prize winner (respiratory enzymes) Dr. Otto Warburg's: "The Prime Cause and Prevention of Cancer" and his other papers by Ed McCabe. Lecture delivered to the membership of the Cancer Control Society annual meeting, Labor Day 2001, by Ed McCabe

Postulate - Prime Cause of Cancer
"Because no cancer cell exists, the respiration of which is intact, it cannot be disputed that cancer could be prevented if the respiration of the body cells would be kept intact." (Everything in quotes in this paper is from Warburg)

Secondary Causes of Cancer
There are many secondary causes of cancer like poisons, microbes, radiation, foreign objects in the body, viruses, retroviruses and other injuries.

But, there is only one prime cause of cancer. The only things all cancers have in common is that something took away the cell's ability to breathe, mechanically, chemically, or energetically. The prime cause of all cancers is impaired cellular respiration.

Cells are constantly dividing. When any newly formed (embryonic) cell is denied 35% or more of the oxygen it needs, its mini breathing mechanisms and respiratory enzymes are no longer saturated with oxygen. When the oxygen transferring enzymes in the cell are no longer saturated with oxygen, the cell is damaged severely - as respiration decreases irreversibly. Respiratory enzymes not saturated in oxygen end up just like if you burned up your car engine by running it without oil. This can happen within two rounds of cell division under low oxygen conditions. As respiration falls, the cell struggles, but can't keep up the high energy production levels normally sustained by converting oxygen into ATP energy.

As the cell's damaged breathing (its high energy producing complex) fails, the cell loses all its higher functions and de-evolves, or "de-differentiates" into a simple plant type cell. Cancer cells often are seen as green under proper magnification just like a plant. Why does Nature convert the damaged human cells into "plant" cells? Because that's the only option left that can still maintain life. Plant cells use fermentation, a much simpler and inefficient form of energy creation common to simple organisms. Fermentation is a simple process that converts body sugars (glucose) into a weak form of energy and produces a lot of lactic acid. But fermentation is so inefficient that it only allows the cell to grow and grow and grow. The damaged cells can no longer be special individuals (differentiated) with special functions. Think of this process as Life trying to continue in the form of a plant, since the human form is no longer working correctly.

ATP, adenosine triphosphate, is the energy currency of the body.
1 mole of fermentation lactic acid produces 1 mole of ATP = cancer.
1 mole of oxygen during respiration makes 7 moles of ATP = health.
If circumstances keep denying these severely damaged cells access to 35% or more of the oxygen they need, they keep growing, but incorrectly. That's why we have to remove the external cancer causing agents. The cells know they are lacking in energy, so in a valiant attempt to create more energy, they ferment more and more, while trying to catch up. And when it comes time for them to reproduce, the damaged cells make exact copies of their own damaged selves which in turn make more copies of more fermenting cells. I just described cancer.

"For cancer formation there is necessary not only an irreversible damaging of the respiration but also an increase in the fermentation."

If the host body is suffering from radiation or other poisons, is low on oxygen, and doesn't have lots of active respiration enzymes, these unnatural conditions allow these fermenting cells to spread. Their unregulated growth and increasing amounts of waste products crowd out and choke off the oxygen from normal cells, and they eventually take over slowly.

Latency? Not exactly. The takeover may show up many years later, after the first damage when the respiratory enzymes were no longer saturated with oxygen, and the normal cells turned into fermenting cancer cells. The cancer silently grew and grew and grew as the fermenting cells took over. "The most important fact in this field is that there is no physical or chemical agent with which the fermentation of cells in the body can be increased directly: for increasing fermentation, a long time and many cell divisions are always necessary." And, "The mysterious latency period of the production of cancer is, therefore nothing more than the time in which the fermentation increases after a damaging of the respiration."
This is why it is useless (except as part of the proposed repair) to only cut out or irradiate a cancer without reversing the underlying causes. Without enough oxygen, the normal cells will just keep mutating into acidic fermenting cells. In the very earliest stages of embryonic development normal body cells ferment for a bit, but quickly evolve and the fermentation drops away and is replaced by normal oxygen respiration only. But if the oxygen is kept low during their development, they have to keep fermenting to survive. When this happens they mature as fermenting cells! You can remove small tumors, but the surgery may release fermenting cells into the body. If the body is not clean, and saturated with oxygen and enzymes, the fermenting cells may find new homes someplace else. "There would be no cancers if there were no fermentation of normal body cells."
Unlike oxygen using cells, fermenting cells have, relatively speaking, incomplete digestion. They excrete mostly lactic acid and depending upon where they are in the body, other actual metabolic toxins and amines that freeze up muscles and cause other damage like further blocking respiration. The elimination of toxins is another burdensome drain on the body's resources.

To summarize, anything that causes cancer somehow lowers the body's ability to carry oxygen to the cells, or damages the respiratory enzyme transport of the oxygen into the cells, or damages the reactions in the cell using the oxygen to make energy.
There are many secondary causes of cancer. A lot of money has been wasted funding research on chasing these tangents. The prime cause is known, and we need to focus in on that. If anaerobic retroviruses are attacking the body and disrupting cell respiration, we know viruses and bacteria only live in us because cellular oxygen levels are too low. The low oxygen levels could be made worse due to the continual piling up in the body of pollution and foreign substances. Or, the body could defensively be growing aberrant capillary networks starved for oxygen around foreign objects like implants. Many women sadly called me after getting breast cancer from breast implants. Or poisons or x-rays have damaged the cell's respiratory enzymes.
"Carcinogenesis by x-rays is obviously nothing else than destruction of respiration by elimination of the respiring grana." You can kill cancer cells with chemotherapy or radiation because cancer cells are weaker. Normal cells appear, at the treatment time, to survive these poisons because they are stronger, but their respiration has been damaged. And we know what that means in time:"…the descendants of the surviving normal cells may in the course of the latent period compensate the respiration decrease by the fermentation increase and thence become cancer cells."

Repairing Respiration (Getting Rid of Cancer)
Is it possible to fix the problems? Indeed, I interviewed hundreds of newly converted Oxygen Therapy using healthy people that were once cancerous. Many of them had doctors that had sent them home "to die" because "there's nothing more we can do." Standing there talking with these bright eyed healthy survivors, one by one for 12 years, yes, this experience has convinced me the problem can be fixed for the vast majority who correctly follow the protocols.
Warburg postulated that because young cancer cells with partially damaged respiration live in the body almost aerobically, inhibition of any further growth on their part using fermentation should be possible by repairing their damaged respiration before the fermentation gets locked into a mature cell.
Three preconditions exist for his proposed repair. Like planting a garden to raise healthy cells in, you have to clean up and prepare the soil before you plant.
1. All growing body cells be SATURATED with oxygen.
Warburg emphasizes again, …all body cells be SATURATED with oxygen... So grab your favorite oxygen therapy and get at it. As Mr. Oxygen has said for 12 years, "Flood The Body With Oxygen, Properly and Safely"

2. External cancer causing agents are kept away, at least during the treatment.
Stop smoking, drinking, using dope, breathing poorly, and eating processed, hydrogenated, and unhealthy food, being X-rayed, working around toxins, or being depressed. Start exercising.

3. Safely flood the body with (replace the damaged and missing) active groups of respiratory enzymes. As Warburg said, "These enzymes are harmless and should be increasingly added to food, in the greatest amount, even forever." Be careful, not too much iron.

Warburg's Active Groups of Replacement Respiratory Apo-enzymes
Iron salts like Ferric Fructose, Iron Fructose
Riboflavin (B2) Important for body growth and red cell production.
There is no known toxicity to riboflavin. Because riboflavin is a water-soluble vitamin, excess amounts are excreted by the body in the urine.
Nicotinamide (B3) (Niacin) Niacin in high dosages gives a redness flush from increased circulation, and may cause itching. Pantothenic Acid (B5)
Cyanocobalamin (B12) required for phase one detoxification of chemicals in the liver
Cytohemin (plant iron groups) Beet crystals, chlorophyll, spirulina
d-amino-leuvlinic acid (precursor to oxygen transferring hemins, heightens sugar utilization)
The body will attempt to normalize the metabolisms of cancer cells by using the extra active groups of enzymes we give it. The body's attempt to normalize the undifferentiated cancer cells normally results in their elimination. It is therefore expected that the growth of metastases can be inhibited with the enzymes. If the respiration of the body cells can be kept intact by adding enough enzymes, cancer could be prevented.
Keep doing these three things: oxygen boosting, carcinogen removal, and enzyme replacement, and the body should halt any further growth of fermenting cells. Then one exercises patience and just waits for the old damaged cells to die out and be digested. This may take months. Bromelain is an excellent enzyme supplement for digesting this old dead cell protein.
(My favorite Warburg quote) "These proposals are in no way utopian. On the contrary, they may be realized by everybody, everywhere at any hour… The prevention of cancer requires no government help and no extra money."

Cancer Prevention
What if you don't have cancer, but don't want it either? Don't worry, you're covered.
Warburg Stated, "To Prevent Cancer:"
Keep the speed of the bloodstream so high the venous blood still contains sufficient oxygen. (Add seaweed extracts like Dulse to your food to boost the metabolic rate, drink lots of clean water, exercise regularly, especially by rebounding, and using a Chi Machine.)
Keep a high concentration of hemoglobin in the blood.
Always add the active groups of respiratory enzymes to the food and keep increasing them if a pre-cancerous state has already developed. Check my website for the best current combo.
Exclude external carcinogens rigorously. Live and work where it's clean.

According to a major cancer society, 175,000 women have breast cancer nationwide in 2001. Why is there so much cancer? Remember, keeping the oxygen up, and the respiratory enzymes intact, are the keys to the prevention and repair of cancer. We know sufficient oxygen is chronically missing from our food and environment. But what about the enzymes you assume are in your food? After all, eating fresh means that the enzymes are all supposed to be in there, aren't they? Watch out, even if you try to shop correctly you can be shortchanged. Here are a few quotes from a typical anti-cancer (Stop Cancer) web site.
Cooking Destroys All Enzymes

Unfortunately, cooking any food at temperatures above about 116 degrees Fahrenheit kills all enzymes. All canned or bottled foods contain no enzymes because they are cooked before being processed. Most fresh-frozen vegetables also generally have no enzymes because they are usually dipped in hot water before freezing.

Commercial Farming Destroys Enzymes

Even The Raw Vegetables And fruits You Eat May Be Enzyme-Deficient!
Raw vegetables and fruits can be an excellent natural source of enzymes. Unfortunately, they contain no enzymes when they are picked "green" (often the case in supermarkets because they have to be transported over long distances). Enzymes can only develop when they ripen on the plant. Irradiating food, or treating it with preservatives can also destroy enzymes.

Cancer and Enzymes

And vnow consider that collective groups of fermenting cancer cells - just like colonies of bacteria - will protect themselves as best they can from your own immune system, because they are trying to survive.

"Cancer cells hide themselves under a thick coat of adhesive fibrin, a coat that is some fifteen times more thick than the fibrin over normal cells. The thickened coat hides away their suspicious markings, including their antigens, from the body's immune defenders."

And under low oxygen conditions,

"The cancer cells with their sticky coating can adhere to tissues where they congregate and multiply. To throw the body's immune cells further off track, the cancerous cells may slough off their antigens. The immune cells immediately attack these harmless proteins but leave the cancerous cells unharmed. It is a type of warfare that could make a military general envious.

The cancer cells grow because of the absence or inadequate presence of enzymes that are capable of stripping the fibrin away from the individual cancer cells. Adequate enzyme activity can lay bare their antigens and so pave the way for their destruction by the body's immune cells."

Echoing Warburg's admonishment, "These enzymes are harmless and should be added to food, in the greatest amount, even forever." the anti cancer site goes on to say. "The more cancer cells the body produces, the more enzymes that are required."

Apart from all the people I interviewed who no longer have cancer because they "saturated" their bodies with oxygen during clinical ozone therapy, is there any recent proof that saturating the body with oxygen or its higher forms like ozone can slow or stop cancer? Try this one out on a skeptic:

Proof Oxygen/Ozone Works on Cancer

1980 Aug 22nd Sweet F, Kao M S, Lee S-CD (Dept of obstetrics and Gynecology, Washington University School of Medicine, St Louis, Mo) & W. Hagar (St Louis Air Pollution Control) publish in "Science" Vol 209:931-933, a U.S. peer reviewed scientific journal, their study: "Ozone Selectively Inhibits Human Cancer Cell Growth." They announce "Evidently the mechanisms for defense against ozone damage are impaired in human cancer cells." "All of the cancer cells (lung, breast, uterine and dometrial) showed marked dose-dependent growth inhibition in ozone at .3 and .5 ppm" while the normal cells were not affected. "Evidently cancer cells are less able to compensate for the oxidative burden of ozone than normal cells." They also stated that ozone inhibits cancer 40 to 60%, and up to 90% in a dose dependent manner. [The ozone dose used was way too low to show what can really happen! Try 27 mcg!]

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